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Microsoft Finally Joins the OIN (Open Innovation Network): What You Need to Know

Microsoft has joined hands with Open Innovation Network (OIN) to protect Linux. This news was announced by Erich Andersen, Corporate Vice President (Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft) on 10th of October 2018 through Microsoft Azure's official blog site. Well many of us were unaware of this community OIN (Open Innovation Network) before this announcement and now I will here describe you what is OIN and why Microsoft joins Open Innovation Network.

OIN is an organization, established in 2005, dedicated to protecting Linux and other Open Source tools and software from patent perils. This community cum organization has Google, IBM, Red Hat, Sony, SpaceX, Philips, Toyota, and NEC as its members along with 2650 and more other ones. Furthermore, OIN owns 1300 and more global patents and software applications too. This community provides royalty-free patent licenses and member cross-licenses to anyone who enters the OIN association.

In addition, OIN has been productive in securing licenses and patents many times to help support the association and to give training and guidance about the intersection of intellectual property and open source property. In the present time, under the management and guidance of its CEO, Keith Bergelt, and its Board of Directors, the association gives a patent platform to more than 2,650 organizations comprehensively, as mentioned above. The patent holders vary from individual engineers and new companies to a portion of the greatest innovation organizations and patent holders in this world.

Reason Behind Microsoft's this Move
Erich Andersen, in his announcement, said that the decision of Microsoft to join Open Innovation Network could surprise many people because there had been a dispute between Microsoft and OIN community in the past over the issue of licenses and patents. He also mentioned that the people who had followed Microsoft's evolution might see it as the next reasonable action for a firm that is listening to its clients, consumers, and developers and is strongly committed to Linux and other Open Source software programs.

He further added that joining Open Innovation Network echoes the patent work of Microsoft on improving in lockstep with the organization's perspectives on Linux and other open sources. Microsoft started this venture around a couple of years ago through its projects like 'Azure IP Advantage', which prolonged Microsoft's repayment agreement to open source programming empowering Azure administrations. Also, Microsoft got stronger on this new methodology when it occupied with Red Hat and others to use GPL (version 3) "fix" standards to GPL (version 2) code, and when it as of late joined the LOT Network or community. The LOT Network is an association devoted to labeling patent and license violation by organizations in the matter of affirmation.

Furthermore, he said that the Microsoft employees and developers don't need a paired decision between Windows versus Linux, or .NET versus Java, they just need cloud computing platforms to help all kind of innovations. They need to send innovations at the end, on any gadget, that can satisfy client needs. The Microsoft additionally discovered that community improvement through the open source means can expedite the development. Following over a time of work to make the organization more extensive, Microsoft has turned out to be one of the biggest supporters of open source on the planet. Microsoft's workers add to more than 2000 ventures, and Microsoft gives five-star support to all important Linux dispersions on Azure, and we have publicly released real tasks, for example, .NET Core, TypeScript, VS Code and Powershell.

Presently, as the Microsoft joins Open Innovation Network, its employees trust that Microsoft will have the capacity to accomplish like never before to help secure Linux and other necessary open source workloads from patent affirmations. Microsoft carries a significant and profound arrangement of more than 60,000 issued licenses and patents to Open Innovation Network. It likewise trusts that its choice to join OIN will draw several other organizations or businesses to OIN, making the patent system much more grounded to help the open source network, said Erich Andersen.

These were a few reasons told by Microsoft to join OIN, but there could be other reasons too which Microsoft has not revealed yet. One of the known tech bloggers has a view that Microsoft has more than 60,000 licenses, a considerable lot of which are revolved around the Android domain, and all these patents or licenses will fall under the part cross-license use approval. This means Microsoft is renouncing conceivably gigantic measures of income in eminences or royalties. For example, used by Jason Evangelho, Samsung returns a royalty to Microsoft Company for each phone it crafts in trade for using exFAT file system developed by Microsoft. And it is just a single patent, now think deeply and assume the potential money concerned in this.

So, Microsoft will gain a lot of profit and revenue after joining OIN, as computed and assumed logically.

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Hardik Patel is a writer with a keen interest in business, technology and marketing topics. He is also associated with Aegis Infoways which offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services.


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