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When And Why Are Distribution Transformers Used?

The crucial role of transformers in the electrical industry is well known to everyone. But, most of the people get confused when it comes to the types of transformers. The types differ according to the requirements. From step-up, step-down transformers to power and distribution transformers, each has their own specialty and use. This article presents the significance of distribution transformers in the industry. For those, who are not sure about the distribution transformers, this can be a great help. Distribution transformers in India are high on quality and are in accordance with the demands of present times.

What are distribution transformers?

Distribution transformers are known to step down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customer. Thus, they provide the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system. Their ratings are normally less than 200kVA. They are energized throughout the day. Their design, therefore, has an important role in reducing iron losses. According to their design, they hold maximum efficiency at lower loads. If there is a need to have better efficiency, the voltage regulation should be kept to a minimum. Another term used for them is service transformers.


The classification of transformers as distributed transformers includes various sub-classifications. Following are the classifications of Distribution transformers India and other countries based on certain factors.

Pole, pad, underground vault transformers form a category depending on the mounting location.

According to the type of insulation, there can be liquid-immersed or dry-type distribution transformers.

Depending on the number of phases, the transformers can be single phase or three phase ones.

Voltage class and Basic Impulse Insulation Level also form different categories of distribution transformers. 

When and where are the distribution transformers used?

Distribution transformers are used for the power supply facilities through a utility pole or underground power lines to the premises of the customer. Settlements such as isolated houses, farmyards etc. also take the benefit of the power supply using distribution transformers. Distribution transformers in India are also used on a large scale to provide the power supply even to the farthest places. 

Railways also make good use of distribution transformers in the power supply of the overhead wire electrified with AC. The number of customers in an area is the deciding factor for a number of customers fed by a single distribution transformer. A single distribution transformer might be enough to feed several homes in an urban area whereas rural areas may require one transformer per customer. Similarly, a large commercial complex will require more than one transformer.

The power collector networks of wind farms also use distribution transformers for stepping up the power from each wind turbine to connect to a substation several miles away.

Distribution transformers and power transformers

Although both of them fall into the category of transformers, they remain different in a lot of ways. The main difference lies in their voltages. The transmission network of higher voltages like 400 kV, 200 kV etc. makes use of power transformers. The general rating is above 200 MVA. Whereas, distribution transformers fulfill the purpose of lower voltage distribution networks like 11 kV, 3.3 kV,440V etc. They are there to provide the end-user connectivity and have rating usually lower than 200MVA. Thus, whenever it comes to the power supply to end user, it is understood that distribution transformers are working behind the scenes. 

The sole purpose of using Filter machine available on rental basis  is for distributed power supply along with certain other operations. The technology innovations play a great role in enhancing the power supply services. This all helps in growth of the country thus helping in one of the biggest missions.

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