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Get Impeccable Liners from Indian Auto Liner Exporters

Liners or sleeves are widely used in the Automobile industry. Even marine and defence vehicles also use liners, but auto liners are always more in demand simply because of the sheer size of the automobile industry. These are also used in tractors. It is best to a quality liner for your vehicle if thinking of replacing the old one. This is possible at affordable rates from genuine Auto liner exporters. In India, there are such exporters of auto-liners who stress heavily on quality control measures and offer their liners at most competitive pricings. 
Liner Sleeves Auto Industries is one such name among Indian auto-liner exporters with more than three decades of experience in manufacturing auto-liners of international quality.

Types of liners exported by auto liner exporters

There are basically two types of liners manufactured and exported by auto liner exporters as most of the exporters have their own manufacturing units also in India with an excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure. The two types of liners offered by auto liner exporters are the following ones.
§  Dry cylinder liners – Dry cylinder liners are the ones that do not come in contact with the cooling water at all and thus are manufactured to resist high temperatures in an effective manner.

§  Wet cylinder liners – The wet cylinder liners as the name suggests get in contact with water or engine coolant and are also known as water jacket liners. The wet cylinder liners by auto liner exporters are manufactured with special alloys like chromium, nickel, etc so that they can exhibit excellent heat and dirt dispersion. This keeps the engine performance good for a really long period.

As these cylinders are needed to be replaced from time to time due to continual usage of vehicles, the demand for the same never ceases in the market. These are replaced whenever faced excessive wear and tear. The main function of these liners is protection of engine piston. As the competition is very tough on a global front, auto liner exporters pay a lot of heed in manufacturing or offering auto liners that can meet specific client demands. These exporters also boast of a skilled team of professionals to offer auto liners in various customized dimensions.

To get these auto liners, the best place is to contact Liner Sleeves Auto Industries. To know more information about other products offered by auto liner exporters, just drop a mail at The company enjoys a global clientele in nations like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Singapore, Algeria, etc.



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